Graphic design image of the People Love Us On Yelp 2018 Award Recipient certificate.

You’ve read about our many accomplishments and awards earned, and now it’s time to add another notch to our belt. POP THE PIXEL is proud to announce that we’re a recipient of Yelp’s ‘People Love Us On Yelp’ award for 2018! We don’t want to toot our own horn but, toot toot, we’ve received this award multiple times. We are so proud of our team, as well as the other winners of this awesome award. We’d like to give a special shout out to the fine folks at Yelp for bestowing this honor upon us yet again.

But Why Yelp?

How does one gain entry into this club of favorites, you ask? Let us give you a brief overview. Yelp is, according to the web, “arguably the largest directory of local businesses” online. Yelp gets millions upon millions of unique visitors within the United States, and millions more across the globe. It’s not just for restaurants and bars, it’s for all kinds of businesses and services, as well.

The ‘People Love Us On Yelp’ award isn’t one that can be requested, bought, or forced. It must be earned. Think of the grading system you see in restaurant windows. This is the customer service and reputation equivalent on Yelp. It’s like we have an ‘A’ rating hanging in our window! We’ve earned this by establishing ourselves as a reliable, highly rated graphic design and web design business.

Beating The Odds

First, get your business established on Yelp. Once you’re up and running, interact with your customers. Comment on their reviews, whether they’re great or not so great. Engagement is key. Add photos to attract more customers, and to encourage reviews. The more eyes on your business, the higher the chance of gaining new customers.

Receiving this award means that all boxes have been checked, and they’ve been checked well. It also means there are highly favorable customer reviews on your page, and that you are a favorite amongst local businesses.

Roll The Credits

We want to thank Yelp once again for this amazing recognition of our graphic and website design business. We at POP THE PIXEL work hard every day to ensure the happiness and satisfaction of our clients. We take our work seriously, and we are humbled any time others applaud us for our accomplishments. Our reputation continues to precede us, and we hope that that reputation encourages you to call 323-848-4465 or email us for your logo or web design needs!

About the Author of This Post

Nazanin Nour is an actor and writer based out of Los Angeles who likes to make people laugh. You can follow her multiple personalities on Twitter @NazaninNour, Instagram @frecklednaz, and subscribe to her YouTube channel.