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Think it is safe to say that we’re all familiar with Instagram and the pretty sweet features that come with it. But are we privy to the app being a great vehicle for promoting brands? That is, there is a great opportunity for brands to take advantage of their social media marketing strategies on the vastly popular social media network that we all have grown to know and love. You can easily start the process by connecting your website and Instagram.

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Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which Instagram’s photo gallery tools and embedding options make for efficient marketing on your website.


Keeping track of hashtag trends can be just as important as staying on top of them. Using a hashtag aggregator can help you share fresh content with a target audience, and more importantly, at the right time. This can help you to tap into the power of hashtags to optimize your user engagement rate.

Taggbox is an Instagram aggregator that allows brands to create, curate, and aggregate the most engaging user-generated content right onto your website. That said, Taggbox also allows you to embed your Instagram feed on HTML websites as well as various website building platforms such as WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Shopify, and Squarespace.


The term has a nice ring to it. But what is SnapWidget exactly?  Well, SnapWidget is a free and easy service that grants access to an Instagram photo gallery. It’s also a customizable tool that makes it easy to set up and embed an Instagram feed in a grid, slideshow, etc.

Essentially, when you post photos and videos to Instagram, the widget on your website automatically updates with new content. Neat, right? 

Embedding On The ‘Gram

You might be wondering what are some of the benefits of embedding Instagram posts? Well, one is that website visitors can directly interact with posts as if they were on Instagram. That is, users can click on content and engage with comments, likes, emojis, etc. This can keep users engaged on your website, instead of sending them to a different one.

Instagram Feed Plugins

An Instagram feed plugin is typically easy to install and will instantly up your Instagram game via your website. Here is the breakdown: The plugin allows you to enter your Instagram user account ID. From there, you can display the latest photos in a post, a page, or the sidebar area of your website. 

In addition, you can often display photos from multiple accounts all in one stream, simply by entering multiple user account IDs. Here is the best part —Some plugins also provide a various format options for how the photos are to be displayed on your website.


Living in a world of social media relevance, and with the fastest growing social network being Instagram (over one billion Instagram users out there), it would be a shame for your brand to miss out on the opportunity to connect with followers, potential clients, and visitors. So, why not connect your website and Instagram? 

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