Graphic design mockup of the Urban Medicine Woman logo design as a glass door decal.

A strong logo can have a very positive impact on your business. Sometimes big brands will get it right on the first try (think Nike). More often than not, brands will give their logos a refresh (think Apple). And some even go for a complete redesign altogether.

The ebbs and flows of whatever business you’re in will inevitably occur. That means it’s up to you to keep current with the changes. Make sure your company and its message continue to be heard loud and clear. For example, if you’ve been around since the 90’s, your logo will probably look like it. Kind of like that one haircut you had. Here are some things to ask yourself to determine if you need a little logo update, or a redesign.

What’s Changed?

Has your company grown in any way? Not just in size, but in scope. Have you introduced new products or services? Have you added more employees, moved, or expanded to a new location? If so, considering a logo refresh would go perfectly with such changes. And if your brand’s mission has changed, a logo refresh is a natural way to reflect the new and exciting things happening with your company. This would also be beneficial to you if a new competitor has entered the market. If you’re used to being the big fish in the pond, a logo refresh will send a message that you are committed to your brand, and you’re here to stay.

What Works For You?

If you don’t know whether you need a refresh, or a complete redesign, think of it like this: A refresh is like getting a fabulous new makeover. A redesign is like going under the knife for a facelift. One is far less dramatic than the other. Figure out what it is about your current logo that may or may not be working in conveying your message to the masses. Hone in on what it is about your current logo that you like, whether it’s a specific font, color, or design element that you feel speaks the most positively about your brand, and make sure to hold on to that going forward.

We know that change can bring about a whole slew of emotions, sometimes positive, sometimes negative, but if you feel like you can improve upon what you have, take the leap! Here’s a great example of a seemingly simple logo refresh for MasterCard that holds on to one element of their signature look, while updating another.


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