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Design Trends of 2019

Considering that we live in a world where trends can literally change overnight, it’s crucial to remain current while maintaining the integrity of your brand. While companies should always strive for consistency, it’s also important to maintain the modernity of your brand. Take a look at some of the top design trends of 2019 to help ensure that your brand will remain relevant for years to come.

Out With The Old, In With The Bold

2019 is going to be rich in color. Bright, bold, and dynamic will be the name of the game. Expect to see lots of purples, pinks, and oranges, just to name a few from the wide spectrum. Not only do these pops of color draw a potential consumer’s eye, but they add a vivaciousness to your design. Bright colors are associated with fun, happiness, and youth.

Speaking of color, complex gradients are a part of this rising trend. A gradient is defined as “a graduated blend between two or more colors, or between two tints of the same color.” We’ve written in earlier blogs that brands are going the simple and clean route when it comes to design. This is why pops of color will be important, and continue to be utilized as a trend going forward.

Environmentally Sound

The last few years have brought with them a rise in social consciousness, activism, and awareness of our world’s issues. This compassion for our fellow human beings, as well as for Mother Earth, is a wonderful phenomenon to witness.

One trend that has grown from this awareness is what’s been dubbed ‘eco packaging.’ More and more, new laws and regulations are being passed to reduce the amount of plastic we use, whether we’re in a restaurant, or at our local grocery store. This is wonderful for the environment, and also an exciting new design opportunity for creatives. This trend has motivated brands to use, for example, biodegradable packaging, which literally creates an awesome new palette for designers and, subsequently, brands to take advantage of.

Design Activism

To riff off of being environmentally sound, the rise in activism for social causes also shows no signs of slowing down. Everything from equality for women, people of color, and the LGBTQ community, just to name a few, are being artistically touched on in design. This is a clever way for a brand to quickly and visually align themselves with specific causes, without uttering a word. Here’s a short article explaining design activism that includes a few great examples.


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