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Website Content and Copywriting

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Your website content is one of the biggest tools in your arsenal when it comes to the success of your brand. A strong, direct message delivered in your “voice” grabs the attention of consumers and, hopefully, turns them into clients. Whether you’re in the business of graphic design, coconut water, or cosmetics, your website’s content should leave consumers content with their knowledge of your product.

First Impressions Are Everything

When it comes to your copy, the importance of good writing cannot be stressed enough. Your copy is the first thing potential clients will associate with the actual humans attached to your brand. Are there spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, or run on sentences? These things do not go unnoticed, and they may harm your chances of attracting new business.

Think of it like a first date. You always put your best foot forward so that your chance for a second date increases. Picture yourself as the person who has been asked out, and your date as the website copy. What if they can’t form a coherent sentence? What if their ideas don’t make sense, or they ramble, or go off on tangents? Chances are, you won’t be as engaged with them, and you won’t learn as much about them as you would have liked. This decreases the chances that you two will meet again. So, too, does bad copy decrease the chance that someone will a) give you their business and, b) re-visit your site.

Doing It and Doing It, and Doing It Well

Most people who visit websites for the first time just scan the copy. This means that your messaging should be concise. If you can deliver pertinent information with fewer words, do that. We live in a fast paced world where the average person loses attention online within the first five seconds. You need to pique people’s interest and keep them engaged, in the time it takes to cut an apple slice. Be interesting, be engaging, be unique.

We’ve Got Your Back

POP THE PIXEL offers award-winning services for all of your graphic design needs. If you’re looking to revamp your current site, or start from scratch, we’ve got you covered. In addition to design, we offer copywriting services from professional writers that we outsource. Call 323-848-4465 or email us for a free consultation today, and see how well you’ll be taken care of by choosing POP THE PIXEL.

About the Author of This Post

Nazanin Nour is an actor and writer based out of Los Angeles who likes to make people laugh. You can follow her multiple personalities on Twitter @NazaninNour, Instagram @frecklednaz, and subscribe to her YouTube channel.


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