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4 Reasons To Hire An LA-Based Designer

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Graphic design is in a league of its own when it comes to service. You, as the client, can utilize our talent from wherever you’re located. And while Angelenos love giving good face, technically you never have to see ours. Hiring a top tier graphic designer can be a tedious process, and here are four reasons why going with an LA based designer like POP THE PIXEL is your best bet.

Reason #1: It’s High End or The Highway

We’re located in the heart of the entertainment world, which means we are accustomed to working with high profile clientele. We provide the utmost professionalism, perfection, and discretion. Simply put, you won’t catch us name dropping. We don’t have to, because our work speaks for itself. Regardless of your celebrity status, you can count on us to roll out the red carpet for all of your design needs.

Reason #2: Big Stars & Mom and Pops

Celebrities and notable figures aren’t the only people we serve well. We are proud to count some amazing non-profit organizations, minority owned businesses, and luxury brands as clients. Our versatility in the design business allows us to cater to the needs of a vast range of clientele.

Reason #3: Proximity to Print

Did you know that Los Angeles is home to approximately four million people? The sheer number of city dwellers, coupled with numerous booming industries, means you will need print services at one point or another. According to Yelp, there are at least 7,000 print shops in LA. The beauty of being an LA based design studio is that we don’t need to outsource to get the job done. We are literally surrounded by the best of the best. This also translates to savings for you.

Reason #4: Billboards Outside Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is a town brimming with billboards. From movie promotions and parties, to skincare and fashion, there is a billboard for everything. This is a constant source of inspiration as to what works and what doesn’t work in design. It also showcases the savvy minds of LA based designers, and keeps us motivated to produce cutting edge art.


Hiring LA based designers comes with many advantages. From our experience working with clients at the top of their game, to the sheer volume of inspiration around us, we are the best choice. Specifically referring to POP THE PIXEL, we have created unique, forward thinking designs for a wide variety of clients. Looking to create a new logo for your business? Ready to update your website design? Awesome! Give us a ring at 323-848-4465 and let us prove to you why hiring an LA based design studio is a solid choice.

About the Author of This Post

Nazanin Nour is an actor and writer based out of Los Angeles who likes to make people laugh. You can follow her multiple personalities on Twitter @NazaninNour, Instagram @frecklednaz, and subscribe to her YouTube channel.


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