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A Quick Guide To Using Hashtags

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Mastering the art of hashtags on social media platforms can be tricky. But if you’re looking to up your hashtag game, you’ve come to the right place.

So, why the hashtag? Well, there are a ton of reasons why you should be hash tagging all over your social media platforms…but let’s break down three good reasons why:

Advantages Of Using Hashtags

1) Keeps you engaged with your audience.
2) Helps boost marketing campaigns.
3) Build your brand’s popularity.

In 2019, it is a safe bet that knowing how to use hashtags properly is beneficial for any digital marketer or business. Let’s walk through some dos and don’ts of hashtag usage so that you’re fully equipped when the time comes to get your #hashtagon.

Hashtags trend rather quickly. That is, the more a hashtag trends and is used on different social media platforms, the more popular your brand may potentially become. What does this mean? Well, it simply means that the keyword or term is getting a lot of attention on the internet. And in turn, your brand may become part of that trend. However, this does not mean that every hashtag you post will trend widely on the internet. Just a heads up. If you’re looking for an effective hashtag approach, give POP THE PIXEL a ring at 323-848-4465 and let’s talk strategy.

Increasing Engagement 

Having hashtags in your social media posts greatly increases awareness and engagement with your audience. According to Twitter, “brands who use hashtags see a 50 percent increase in engagement compared to those who don’t.”

Speaking of Twitter, facts have shown that hashtags greatly impact the number of retweets as well. In addition, similar types of brand awareness have been just as effective on Instagram and Facebook when it comes to #hashtags.

Building Up Your Brand

A very effective way of building your brand is using hashtags that promote your service or announce new products. You may also consider creative little catch phrases that are relative to your brand or logo, or just a simple term to generate interest for your business.

A good example of brand building is from Nike. Their highly utilized #justdoit hashtag generates excitement and is used to promote the launch of new sneakers or apparel.

Tampon company Tampax utilizes hashtags in a much more tongue-in-cheek manner with their #PowerOverPeriods campaign wherein they encourage users to tweet or retweet when that time of the month rolls around.

When it comes to brand building, be sure to utilize the power of hashtags so you get the most out of your efforts and further your brand recognition.

Finding Your Audience

Overall, using hashtags is great for brand building and for increasing engagement with your audience. But hashtags can also be helpful when finding  your target audience. Furthermore, hashtags can also be helpful in your target audience finding you. How’s that? Simply by using the hashtags they use. This approach is especially effective with Instagram where users can follow hashtags and see all the posts that use them. For example, if someone follows the hashtag #vacation, a user will see posts that include #vacation.

Hashtags In A #Nutshell

Hashtags are incredibly useful for brands that look to expand their audience. By utilizing and adopting popular hashtags that people follow on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, you’re able to get the attention of a variety of users on said social media platforms. 

If you’re curious about upping your hashtag game and looking to build your audience on social media, hit us up and we’ll help get the ball rolling. 

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