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Modern Web Design Trends

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It takes 50 milliseconds for visitors to judge your website — a take no prisoners approach. Studies show that these first impressions are 94% related to design with users spending 5 seconds looking at homepage images. That said, modern web design is critical to your brand’s reputation, your bottom line, and the success of your business.

Today, there is an accelerated interest in cutting edge, modern design that creates a seamless website experience across all devices. Send us a message and let’s chat about it. In the meantime, let’s take a gander at some popular trends in web design for 2022. 


Inclusivity. In the words of Lizzo, “It’s about damn time”! Brands and businesses that feature inclusive photos and graphics appeal to today’s consumers. We’re talking about showing rather than telling…. Showing various races, genders, abilities and cultures. This also extends to how your website is structured to ensure access to all. ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)-compliant web design is vital it today’s marketplace.


Thanks to the likes of Instagram, Shopify, Hulu, and the like, gradients seem to be sticking around. In 2022, they are blowing up in two new ways. You will see gradients for text color fills and as a fill in illustrations and icons. They create polarizing effects that engage the audience while blending brand colors, and we fully support that.


According to recent studies, website visitors spend 80% of their time looking at the left side of your website. Maybe that’s why we’re seeing more and more split screen elements in web pages. And we’re here for it. It’s a great way to organize content and create a natural hierarchy of information for your web user to digest.


With the ever so rapid advancements in technology, web designers (like us) are able to bring data to life using various shapes and animations. Some of the popular types of data visualizations include:





Pie or bar charts

Essentially, incorporating data visualization into your website is a super cool way to deliver information to site visitors that they would most likely pass over if conveyed in a non-visual manner.


This one took us by surprise. Megafooters are a trend that has popped up across all industries. They are often comprised of multiple columns and can be a great tool for websites with a lot of pages and multiple points of entry. They’re also a good fit for businesses that have multiple brands.

The Take-Home

The important thing to remember is that your website is the most critical component of your brand. Further, as the marketing strategy of your brand evolves, your site should too. Making the decision to assimilate a trend into your website design, however, should always be determined by whether that particular trend makes sense for your brand and business strategy.

As Dalton McGuinty once said “There’s no wrong time to make the right decision.” That said, our team is always here and happy to help you find, and integrate, the right web trends for your brand. Give us a ring at 323-848-4465 and let’s get to work!


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