Graphic design mockup of the House of Bastien logo design printed with gold foil.

Conveying ideas through visual representations instead of text is an invaluable asset to any company. Think about how many business cards, brochures, product packages, books, and so on, that you come across on a daily basis. All of the images that you see splashed across these various canvases are a form of graphic design. It can elevate the way in which you communicate with other people in a highly effective manner, all without saying a word.

Why Graphic Design is Important

Unique, attractive, well thought out graphic designs can help a business sell more products or services, whatever those products or services may be. That attractive design draws people to your brand, it makes them trust that you know what you’re doing, and that you’re doing it well. The ultimate goal is to create a visual representation that delivers your message to a specific audience, piques their interest enough to choose your product, and thus solidifies your brand as trustworthy when it delivers. Once you’ve established that trust with your customers, every time they see your designs, they will associate it with positive feedback, and be more inclined to hire you (or buy from you) time and time again.

Silence Can Be Golden

Conveying a brand message without the use of audio takes creativity, skill, and a keen sense of what grabs the most attention. Dancers use movement to draw you in to their art, poets use words, and graphic designers use vivid imagery. Think once again of McDonald’s golden arches. The bright red and yellow colors pop, immediately drawing your eyes to the signage, and conveying a bold, fun, energetic atmosphere. This continues to work well for them as their target audience are the younger generation, and the younger generation is attracted to anything that screams fun! So, good graphic design adds value to your product, which in turn adds value to your company, and brings immediate recognition to your brand, all without uttering a word. Speaking of uttering words, check out these 40 crucial lessons from the most famous graphic designers in history.


“Design is thinking made visual.” This description, albeit brief, is a perfect quote regarding design from Saul Bass, who was a lauded American graphic designer, and Academy award winning filmmaker.

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