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Brand Yoself, Yo

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Picture a cluster of three white stripes aligned on top of one another in parallel formation. Now picture those stripes on the side of a soccer cleat. What brand pops into your mind? If you’ve been to a mall in the last 30 years, or watched any sporting event ever, your answer should be Adidas. When people can immediately identify your brand from its visual symbols, that’s brand recognition, and it’s a crucial aspect to the success of your business. Research has shown that consumers will purchase goods or services from established, recognizable brands, even if they know nothing about the actual brand. The power of identifiable products in a saturated market is invaluable.

Value Added

Brands are conducive to creating repeat customers who will, barring any disastrous business decisions by the company, remain loyal. These customers will then recommend your product to their friends, thus creating an entirely new market of potential consumers without your company having to lift a proverbial finger. A strong, well-known and well-respected brand will also create loyalty within its corporate structure. It gives employees something to be proud of and stand behind. A great example of this is Apple, Inc. I have not yet encountered one Apple employee who hasn’t been excited and proud of the products they carry. That type of enthusiasm cannot be faked, and it is contagious.

Big Fish, Small Fish

Some companies make the mistake of thinking they’re too small to put money into a solid branding strategy. If you are in the business of selling goods and services, you’re never too small to create a visual representation that’s synonymous with what you offer. Think about it. How can anyone tell their friends about the amazing knife set they just purchased if they can’t remember the brand? A brand should reflect your values as a company, as well as your uniqueness to the market. Always have your target audience in mind when creating your branding strategy. If you still think branding isn’t a necessary step to success, think of the U.S. Dollar, and how it’s been succinctly explained by “The dollar is a world brand. It confers a uniform value globally. But as I said, it’s really just a piece of paper. Branding has made it worth something.” Speaking of iconic, powerful brands, check out this list of the ten most powerful brands in 2017, as valued by Forbes.


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