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Be Content With Your Website Content

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More often than not, businesses make the mistake of overlooking the content of their websites. They operate under the false pretense that if their website content, or website design, is aesthetically pleasing, everything else will magically fall into place. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. In reality, when it comes to your online presence, there are some key elements that need to work together like a well orchestrated symphony in order for your website to do what it’s supposed to do; create and retain business.

It’s Not All About You

The first thing to remember is that the world does not revolve around you. That should be the case in your general life, but it should also be the case when it comes to your site’s content. Your website should be appealing and informative to the viewer. They’re there to see what you offer, learn if it will help fulfill the need of whatever it is they’re looking for, and decide if you can do it effectively and efficiently. Keep the content simple and easy to read. This is the time a potential customer gets to see you for the real you. So, in the same vein as a first date, put your best foot forward, and be direct.

Some Do’s And Dont’s

There are a few basic rules that are recommended to adhere to when creating your site’s content in order to maximize your chances of quickly catching a potential customer’s eye, and making them feel like they’d be in good hands with you. First, make sure you have a simple navigation menu. According to, “the ease with which a visitor navigates around your website has an impact on both how well your website converts traffic into leads as well as how well your site ranks on search engines.”

Second, keep your content succinct, and don’t dance around the issues. Use short paragraphs and sentences, avoid unnecessary words and passive tense.

Third, address your potential customers directly, use the word ‘you’ to keep them engaged and feeling like you’re speaking and connecting to them.

Fourth, take advantage of graphic design and digital media to help break up text and keep your readers engaged.

Lastly, don’t forget to utilize key words that are pertinent to your business and the services that you offer. For us, they’re words and phrases like logo design, logo creator, web design, web designer, and so on. This last tip is especially important to how you show up in search engine results.


Coincidentally, one key aspect to creating good content is to include a call to action for your potential customers. You don’t want to saturate your website with various calls to action, this would only serve to overwhelm the customer and could potentially turn them off from your site. Consider choosing one or two calls to action that you feel capture the essence of your business, and use those. You can see a great example of utilizing this feature by checking out our website,

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Nazanin Nour is an actor and writer based out of Los Angeles who likes to make people laugh. You can follow her multiple personalities on Twitter @NazaninNour, Instagram @frecklednaz, and subscribe to her YouTube channel.


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