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WordPress Is The Word

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Once solely associated with blogging, WordPress has transformed itself into an internet behemoth. According to data from web technology survey firm, W3techs, as of March 5, 2018, WordPress is responsible for powering 30% of the web. That’s up five percentage points from where they were in November of 2015! Their growth is no accident or fluke. They’ve successfully established themselves as the leading provider of self made websites. Also, did we mention that their service is free?

But You Say I’m Just A Friend

Whether it’s your first time designing a website, or you’re an industry pro, we highly recommend using WordPress to get you started. Fun fact, most people using WordPress have no background in web design or programming.

Because it’s an open source commodity, WordPress software is available and open to all. The users have created a close knit community of tech support consultants and people who truly enjoy creating and designing, so you can rest easy knowing you’ll always have “friends” to lean on when you’ve hit a proverbial wall with your design, layout, and everything in between. The support comes at no cost to you, you can download free plugins and themes for your site, and you even have the option to contribute back to the community when you’re able to.

Easy Peasy

One of the best things about WordPress is how easy it is to use. It’s extremely user friendly, and search engines adore WordPress websites, which means your SEO rating will be higher.

You also have total control over the design and maintenance of your site. WordPress sites can be edited from anywhere at any time. On a flight and have a great idea to spice up your current layout and/or content? Hop online and make those edits! Your site will have gotten a facelift before landing at your next destination.

Speaking of a new idea popping up while you’re traveling, WordPress’s interface is very user friendly, and is easy accessible on various mobile devices. A large portion of their themes are mobile responsive, which means they will automatically adjust the way a page looks based on what type of device or screen it’s being accessed on. This is huge for your business. Think of how many times you’ve grown frustrated with a site not properly loading on your phone, and you’ve given up and looked elsewhere. Don’t let that happen to you!


With a plethora of developers consistently churning out new WordPress themes, you’re bound to come across one that will catch your eye and spark your creativity to create your own content. We at POP THE PIXEL have extensive experience in working with clients using WordPress and can definitely help point you in the right direction.

Are you shopping for a WordPress website and need someone in Los Angeles to guide you through the steps? If so, give us a call at 323-848-4465 or send us an email for a free consultation about how you can benefit from a WordPress website!

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Nazanin Nour is an actor and writer based out of Los Angeles who likes to make people laugh. You can follow her multiple personalities on Twitter @NazaninNour, Instagram @frecklednaz, and subscribe to her YouTube channel.


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